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Privacy Policy

Purpose of the Policy
This Privacy Policy explains in detail the types of personal data we may collect about you when you interact with us and explains how, why and when we collect and process your personal data. It also explains how we’ll store and handle that data, and how we keep it safe. 

Maintaining the security of your data is a priority at Hafotty Interiors and we are committed to respecting your privacy rights.  We will handle your data fairly and legally at all times. We are also dedicated to being transparent about what data we collect about you and how we use it.
This policy, which applies when you visit us online, via your mobile device, provides you with information about:

  • How we collect and use your information

  • Who do we share it with

  • How we protect your data

  • How long we keep your data

  • Your rights

  • Cookies

  • How to contact us


How we collect and use your information
We use your information in a number of different ways and what we do with it depends on the information. You do not have to give us any personal information but if you decide not to you may not be able to buy from our site and you are unlikely to receive our optimal customer experience.  
We process your personal data to meet our legal, statutory and contractual obligations and to provide you with our products and services.

The personal data we collect is as follows:

  • Your on-site browsing behaviour, including the products and pages you have viewed, IP address and browser details etc. purely for analytical reasons provided by Google Analytics who may have their own Policies.

  • Your name, email and telephone.

  • Your organisation details, if provided.

  • Your addresses, payment details and any other data you provide as required for processing your orders and returns. Please note we do not store your payment details from online transactions.

  • Communication between us, including emails , text messages and telephone calls.


How we use your data
We use your name and contact details to:

  • Deliver your purchases to you

  • Send you service messages by text, e-mail or through social media, such as order updates

  • Prevent and detect fraud

  • Find out what you and our other customers like


We use your payment information to:

  • Take payments and give refunds

  • Prevent and detect fraud


We use an external payment system, PayPal to process all our online payments. This system has their own security. We do not store your credit card details and we do not store your card’s security/CVV code.


We use your contact history with us (phone, email, post) to:

  • Provide customer service and support


We use information when you browse our website using your phone or computer via Google Analytics to:

  • Improve our website by noting your IP address and device type

  • Protect our website


We use information from accounts you link to us through Facebook and Instagram to:

  • Provide you with product recommendations 


We use your responses to Facebook competitions and promotions to:

  • Run the competition or promotion

  • Improve our customer service to you

  • Improve our product range


Sharing your information
We do not, and will not, sell any of your personal data to any third party. This includes your name, address, email address or credit card information. We want to earn and maintain your trust and we believe this is absolutely essential in order do that.

We do however share your data with the following categories of companies as an essential part of being able to provide our services to you:

  • Companies that require information to get your purchases to you, such as delivery companies, finance providers and payment service providers

  • Professional service providers such as website host WiX, who help us run our business

  • Law enforcement and fraud prevention agencies, so we can help tackle fraud

  • Google, Facebook and Instagram to show you products that might interest you while you're browsing the internet. We'll also use your data to identify other internet users who share similar interests. This is based on your acceptance of cookies on our website.

  • External payment providers where you choose to use their payment service (PayPal etc)

 Seeing adverts online
We engage in online advertising to keep our customers aware of what we are up to and to help you see and find our products more easily.

We may use a range of advertising technologies such as specific services offered by social networks.

How we protect your data
We take your privacy and data security seriously and we take every reasonable measure and precaution to protect and secure your personal data. We work hard to protect your information from unauthorised access, alteration, disclosure or destruction.

If applicable, we will secure access to all transactional areas of our websites and apps using 'https' technology.

Keeping your information
We will hold on to your information for as long as it is needed to be able to provide the services to you.

If for any reason we are required to meet legal or regulatory requirements, resolve disputes, prevent fraud and abuse or enforce our terms and conditions, we may keep hold of some of your information as required, or until it is no longer needed to provide the services to you.

Your rights
Regarding your personal information you have:

  • The right to be informed about how your personal information is being used

  • The right to access the personal information we hold about you

  • The right to request the correction of inaccurate personal information we hold about you

  • The right to request that we delete your data, or stop processing it or collecting it

  • The right to stop direct marketing messages and to withdraw consent for other consent-based processing at any time

  • The right to request that we transfer or port elements of your data either to you or another service provider

  • The right to complain to your data protection regulator (the Information Commissioner’s Office in the UK) but we hope you would contact us first so we can resolve any issues for you



Cookies are small pieces of data stored on a site visitor's browser, usually used to keep track of their movements and actions on a site. 

In accordance with the GDPR, please see which Cookies are implemented in every site built by Wix.

svSession, Permanent, Creates activities and BI

hs, Session, Security

incap_ses_${Proxy-ID}_${Site-ID}, Session, Security

incap_visid_${Proxy-ID}_${Site-ID}, Session, Security

nlbi_{ID}, Persistent cookie, Security

XSRF-TOKEN, Persistent cookie, Security

smSession, Two weeks, Identify logged in site members

Site Analytics such as Google Analytics also collect their own cookies and have their own policies.

How to contact us
Contact us through the onsite form or email if you have any queries

Thank You


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