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A Christmas challenge...

As you may know, I'm a great believer in re-using and updating where possible. I have tried to make a conscious effort in my life to not buy into today's throwaway society, certainly my home reflects this, full chock to the brim with vintage and retro pieces. With Christmas around the corner the impact of this throwaway society is all too obvious. It's far too easy to go consumer crazy and buy gifts just for laughs on Christmas day, after all who could live without a racing granny set or sprout flavoured toothpaste? I have fallen victim to this myself in the past. I end up getting cross with myself when I have my annual clear-out of the boys rooms, only to find stocking gifts still left untouched in their cellophane wrappers.

It's criminal, we all complain we are drowning in a sea of plastic but add to that in abundance at Christmas, all without a thought for the long term consequences. So this year I have made a vow... to extend the 'waste not want not' ethic, that surrounds my everyday life, and apply this to Christmas.

I will be choosing my gifts more wisely and giving something that I know will keep giving far beyond Christmas. Gone are the novelty gifts and in their place items brought with thought, love and care. I'm also going to make a challenge myself to not feed the big corporates, but instead to shop from small business' and the self employed. And of course some people will be receiving handcrafted goodies produced from reclaimed and reused items. However, I don't fancy my chances of avoiding the inevitable electronics purchase for my boys though, I have two very techy boys!... but rest assured that certainly won't lay untouched in it's wrapping well into summer!

A few ideas for a low footprint Christmas: * Use brown paper - it can be recycled and can be easily decorated. I wrap all my orders in this for that very reason and have done many times at Christmas too. * Buy things that last and that you know won't sit in a cupboard, avoid those novelty joke items... I'm not being a total Grinch, fun things like board games that can be brought out year after year are a winner. I love 'Cards Against Humanity' a hilarious game for naughty people! *If you've got littl'uns or animals to buy for just save your money and the worlds plastic pile, seriously there is so much truth in... they have more fun with the box! *Try to support the smaller business' as they often have a much lower footprint. *Recycle things from last year (ribbons, labels, wrapping) Have fun creating decorations from paper, like the examples in this blog that I've created using vintage paper, found objects and reused fabric scraps sequins etc *Go big. Buy one large quality gift not lots of small throwaway items. Fill stockings with useful things, my teenage boy will be getting things like: socks, headphones, toiletries, watch etc

So here's hoping for a guilt free Christmas... apart from the calories of course!!

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