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Shopping - Country style

Thought I'd share with you my first experience of true rural shopping. Recently we heard there was going to be a farm sale, to be held on a hill farm opposite our house. The farm in question had already been auctioned a couple of weeks earlier and now it was the turn of the contents. We were after a few practical things for the house, a trailer being the top of our wish list and a necessity indeed of country life (in fact I 'm unsure how we've managed to live without one!) So off we set, a little unsure what to expect, what to do or what we'd come back with. 

On arrival we were taken aback, it wasn't quite what we had expected, we had grown used to our quiet country life over the past months and all of a sudden we were thrust into the throngs of shopping 'country style'. Certainly not the small handful of people we're now used to chatting to daily, but a positive hoard of them. People had come from all over to attend the sale and it seems the vast majority of the local villagers had turned out, there was even a butty and hot drinks van and people were sprawled across the site chatting. It turned out to be a real social gathering. We threw ourselves in to the throng with gusto, catching up with friends and neighbours over a 'paned a brechdan' (cuppa and sandwich in Welsh!) 

My gosh was it fabulous. I was in my element... as you know I love anything old, dusty, rusty and worn out. The problem is once the bidding started it went so fast we got swept along with the hoard of people and I got a little carried away buying lots no one else wanted but that I saw the potential in. Not only did we come away with a trailer but managed to fill it with what I describe as dusty treasures. I haven't had a chance to get working on any of them just as yet but I am hoping to turn these fabulous bits of agricultural salvage into treasure someday soon.

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